The following terms and conditions shall apply to the agreement entered into between Miriam Marcus of 7 Brand Street, Jerusalem, Israel (“Miriam“) and the volunteer candidate whose details appear in the online application form (hereafter: the “Volunteer“).

  1. The Volunteer has asked Miriam to assist him/her in arranging for him/her to volunteer with an institution in Israel (“Institution“) under the auspices of the Coordinator of Overseas Volunteers of the Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs (“Ministry“).
  2. Miriam confirms that she has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the above Services in a professional manner.
  3. Miriam will facilitate the Volunteer’s application for volunteer work in Israel with the Ministry and the institution to which the Volunteer shall be accepted. The specific services to be provided by Miriam are those detailed in the packages of services chosen by the Volunteer at the time of entering into this agreement ( (“Services“). Miriam undertakes to provide these Services on a commercially reasonable, “best efforts” basis, in a timely and professional manner.
  4. The Volunteer confirms that he/she has read the conditions and requirements of the Ministry for acceptance to the volunteer program ( and is aware that such conditions and requirements may be changed from time to time without prior notice.
  5. Volunteer further declares that he/she is aware that Miriam is not a representative of the Israeli government or of the Institution and that she provides the Services on a private basis.
  6. Miriam gives no guarantee that the Volunteer’s applications for an Israeli visa and/or for volunteer work will be accepted by the Israeli authorities or by any Institution.
  7. Volunteer acknowledges that Miriam takes no responsibility for the fulfillment of any commitments or responsibilities of the Ministry and/or the Institution towards the Volunteer.
  8. Volunteer shall not be deemed an employee of Miriam and Miriam’s responsibilities shall be solely those set out in this agreement.
  9. Volunteer is aware that Miriam will not be available or contactable during the Jewish Sabbath and festivals.
  10. Volunteer is aware that missionary activity is illegal in Israel and undertakes to comply with all applicable Israeli laws. Failure to comply with this clause will result in immediate dismissal and possible departure or repatriation at the expense of the Volunteer.
  11. Volunteer is aware that certain behavior can result in immediate dismissal and possible departure or repatriation at the expense of the Volunteer. These include: drug taking; drinking to excess; physical, mental or sexual abuse.
  12. While Miriam will use her best endeavors as above, in the event of Volunteer cancelling this Agreement or a placement not being found for the Volunteer, the following cancellation policy ( shall apply to the refund of any money paid by Volunteer.
  13. In no event shall Miriam shall bear any liability for any indirect or consequential damages and her maximum liability, in any event, shall not exceed the cost of the individual service package chosen by Volunteer.
  14. This agreement shall be governed exclusively by Israeli law, and the courts of competent jurisdiction in the city of Jerusalem, Israel shall have sole jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute between the parties.
  • I hereby confirm my acceptance of the above terms and conditions and undertake to act in accordance with them.

Cancellation and Refund

The following cancellation and refund terms shall apply to the Volunteer Placement Agreement (“Agreement”) between Miriam and the Volunteer.
1. The Volunteer is entitled to cancel the Agreement with Miriam at any time by sending Miriam written notice (including e-mail). However, the initial processing fee of $100 paid together with the application form is not refundable.

  1. In the event of cancellation after the application form has been filed by the Volunteer, the Volunteer shall be entitled to a refund of all other payments made on account of his/her package after deduction of: (1) bank charges for executing the refund; and (2) the below administration fee (if applicable):
    2.1. If cancellation is more than 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date in Israel – no administration fee will be deducted from the refund;
    2.2. If cancellation is due to illness, accident or death of Volunteer or an immediate family member, no administration fee will be charged, subject to presentation of satisfactory medical and supporting documentation;
    2.3. If cancellation is between 8- 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date in Israel – a fee of USD $100 will be deducted from the refund;
    2.4. If cancellation is less than 8 days prior to the scheduled arrival date in Israel – a fee of USD $250 will be deducted from the refund.
  2. 3. Miriam shall be entitled to cancel the Agreement in the following circumstances and, in such an event, Volunteer shall have no demands or claims against Miriam. In any such case the processing fee is not refundable.

3.1 If the Volunteer does not send all the documents necessary for processing the application within a reasonable time bearing in mind the circumstances.

3.2. If Miriam is not able to secure a placement for Volunteer within 3 months of submission of all necessary documents by the Volunteer, after exercising best efforts.

3.3. If Volunteer’s documentation is not accepted by any Israeli authority.
3.4. In any other circumstance which reasonably prevents Miriam from fulfilling her duties prior to Volunteer’s arrival in Israel .

  1. 4. No refund shall be payable in the event of the Volunteer or Institution terminating Volunteer’s position with the Institution; however, reasonable efforts will be made for premium package clients to assist in locating an alternative institution.