What documents will I need to get a Volunteers' visa?

I will send you the full list of documents necessary for you to get this visa.

Will I need references, and if so, who might they be?
Yes. You will need two references and they cannot be immediate family. Employers, friends of the family, professional acquaintances (such as your pastor) would be ideal.
How many hours a week will I be expected to volunteer?
By Israeli law you cannot work more than 35 hours a week as a volunteer and are entitled to two days of rest.
Will I be entitled to holidays?
Yes. One week every three months.
Is there a minimum stay for volunteering in Israel?
Most Amutot (Charities) ask that you come for a minimum of three months – especially if you do not yet know Hebrew it can take 4-6 weeks to learn basic language and you will not get much out of the experience if you come for less than this period.
Is there a maximum stay for volunteering in Israel?
By Israeli law you may not stay for more than 2 years.
Do I need medical insurance during my volunteer stay in Israel?
Yes, no organization will accept you as a volunteer unless you have medical insurance.
Is it cheaper to buy medical insurance from my home country or should I buy it in Israel?
It is usually cheaper to buy it in your home country but I would be happy to price it for you in Israel.
I am thinking of travelling to Israel a few days before my volunteering stint begins. Where is the best place to stay?
Give me a price range for your intended stay and I will recommend a suitable place for you.
I have found a very cheap air-ticket to Israel but it is on a Saturday/Jewish Holiday. How will I get to my volunteering position?
Obviously, this is something very important – no one wants to pay more than necessary! Let me know if this is what you decide and I will tell you the cheapest way to get to your destination.
I would like to learn Hebrew. How do I find a suitable place?
Check with the Charity you will be working at and they will be able to recommend a good place for you.
How long should I stay if I don't feel comfortable with the Charity?
Do not be too hasty to make any decision. Give yourself a minimum of two weeks to see if you acclimate.
What happens if I get sick? Am I entitled to "sick days"? Do I have to bring a doctor's letter?

Of course you are “allowed” to be ill. However, it is only courteous to let your place of work know as soon as possible that you cannot come that day to work. Should you really feel ill you should speak with the Coordinator for Volunteers at your Charity and get the name of a doctor. And, “yes”, you should ask the doctor for a signed note that you were unable to work.


Am I entitled to "pocket money"?

Yes. By Israeli law you are entitled to receive 750 NIS pocket money, and if you need to travel to your place of work from where you live you will be given money to cover bus fares.