I was sent by Abba to go to Israel. I knew I was going to work with children as that was what I did for 32 years in SA. As I walked into the hostel I would work at for just over 2 years….I was surprised to see just grown-ups. Little did I know it was really just children in grown-up bodies!! It was love at first sight!! Each and every one holds a special place in my heart!! Just like Israel…. they came to stay part of me. My intentions were to come back to SA for one year and then go back to Israel….but HaShem had other plans for my immediate life. He sent me to 2 elderly sick and frail people where I intended to stay for a year….but 4 years later I am still with them. Now I also know why I  had to come back to SA . …my mom passed away only 3 months after I was back…. which  gave me the privilege of spending the last 3 months of her life with her before I came to care  for the elderly  couple. A year later my brother was diagnosed  with Leukemia and also passed away in the following  year. Now a week ago …my beloved granddaughter of 23 passed  away without warning. Amidst all the pain in my heart ….Abba strengthens me to be here for my daughter and rest of the family………which all proves to me that SA is the right place to be for now! Yet my heart is with Israel every  day and I dream of the day I can go back  there to see all my Israel children  again!! My volunteering in Israel will remain the best and most rewarding experience   of my life!!! To top it all… Abba has not stopped blessing me every  second of the day since then…. and I know He won’t . …because He clearly tells us in the Scriptures…. I will bless those who bless Israel.

Aloma Eybers