Since I come from Africa it was not that easy to get a volunteer placement here in Israel. However, things got much more easy when I turn to the website and search for volunteering in The Holy Land. After searching different volunteer organization on the website I eventually found AKIM-Jerusalem (Organization catering for intellectually and physically disabled people of all ages) so I wrote an email to Miriam telling her that I would appreciate if I can get an invitation to volunteer in their organization.

Miriam sent me an email with all the requirements needed to be accepted as a volunteer.. but she also said to me since I come from Africa and there have never been volunteers from East Africa,  she would try to help. I waited for more than half a year as I was the first person to come from Kenya to volunteer in Israel. I was lucky to get accepted. I print out the letter and I couldn’t believe this, In the first place I showed my friends who thought that it was a scam!

Now all this process from the time I started in my country ’till I ended up here in Israel was only through the immeasurable and great assistance of Miriam. Wherever I faced any difficulty while I was going through all this process Miriam was there to help me. And also while we are volunteering our time and effort here in Jerusalem, if we want anything we always turn to her.

On behalf of all the volunteers, Miriam, you are of great importance not only to us volunteers but also to the whole land of Israel and to those who are looking forward to getting volunteer placements here in Israel (Haaretz).

Francis Langat, Kenya