I was sent by Abba to go to Israel. I knew I was going to work with children as that was what I did for 32 years in SA. As I walked into the hostel I would work at for just over 2 years….I was surprised to see just grown-ups. Little did I know it […]

Since I come from Africa it was not that easy to get a volunteer placement here in Israel. However, things got much more easy when I turn to the website and search for volunteering in The Holy Land. After searching different volunteer organization on the website I eventually found AKIM-Jerusalem (Organization catering for intellectually and […]

Nach dem Abitur verbrachte ich ein Jahr als Volontär bei AKIM Jerusalem. Bereits vor meiner Ankunft in Israel hieß mich Miriam per E-Mail willkommen und traf alle Vorbereitungen, so dass ich bestens vorbereitet war. Das ganze Jahr über war Miriam nicht nur in ihrer Funktion als Koordinatorin der Volontäre tätig, sondern stand einem auch sonst […]

After grammar school I spent a year volunteering at AKIM Jerusalem. Already before the journey had started, Miriam was there to welcome me via e-mail and to make sure I would be prepared when I arrived. Throughout the year, Miriam was not only the volunteers´ coordinator, but someone to come to whenever having any question […]

Most people don´t know what the word “volunteering” really means. Well, let me tell you…it means giving of yourself to give over to others. You take the best of you and give it to others who need it most. You choose to help others and in return you get a big smile, which is worth […]

Rarely in my life have I worked with such nice people as at AKIM-Jerusalem… I remember you taking me in your nice car and the good Jewish music that was playing on your radio. I had nothing but good vibrations far away from intolerance, injustice, insecurity, exploitation etc. Michel Hery, France

Thanks a lot for helping us always and making things possible and comfortable for us. I really appreciate all your work. Valentin Buech, Germany

Thank you for finding me a place to do my practicum and thank you for helping me with my visa, for I know that is not always easy. Birgitte Wagner, Denmark

If I count correctly it is the 7th year that you have been taking care of me as a volunteer. Amazing…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hassle you have to go to for our sake. I really appreciate it so much. Lydia Trachsel, Switzerland

With your help and trust was it possible to make our experience in Israel happen. Lena Rottinger, Germany; Diana Rodriguez, Colombia;  Jenny Poloche, Argentina; Nadine Preuss, Germany

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